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Why should I choose Exile Medics?

Dependable specialist medical care where there is none 

We know that medical support is something that you hope that you don't use, but it's one of the things that every Expedition Professional knows that they need. The safety and wellbeing of your athletes, clients or participants is critical to the success of your expedition and business. 

Your time is valuable and you have a thousand things to concentrate on. Medical support shouldn't be one of them. Our philosophy is simple- you tell us what you need (we can help you work it out if you’re not sure), and we deliver it with no fuss.Exile Medics provides the complete medical package for your expedition, event or race.

We have unrivalled expertise in providing comprehensive medical support in any environment on the planet at a more than reasonable cost. Starting in the early phases of planning where we can offer specialist consulting and support, we carry on through to delivering clinical care, evacuations and post expedition follow up. Exile Medics can deliver it all whilst minimising your effort and hassle, so that you can concentrate on making the expedition, event or race fulfil its potential. 

We know that we are really good at what we do. Everyone tells us so. Expeditions and adventure races from all over the world come to Exile Medics to benefit from our expertise and enthusiasm. We will not leave you or your clients disappointed, and we will be an asset to you before, during and after your expedition that you will want to use again and again. 

Our promise is to deliver dependable specialist medical care where there is none. To do this, we follow our core values of professionalism, accountability, teamwork, improvement and innovation, lean practices, happiness and enjoyment. Every Exile is chosen because they uphold and represent these values at every stage in delivering their care.

You won't be let down.

planning your expedition, event or race

Planning is the most challenging part of delivering and expedition or event. There are so many unknowns. Exile Medics has been working in adventure racing and expeditions for over a decade, with some of the biggest names in the game, and so we know expeditions and environments. During the planning of your expedition, we can help to:

  • Provide a single contact person to ensure reliable communication by phone, text, email and online

  • Develop medical risk assessment during the planning phase of your expedition

  • Medically screen the participant on your expedition or event through our website

  • Deliver the right care for any medical conditions that your participants have.

  • Provide a personalised service, keeping you informed at all stages of development of your medical support plan

  • Advise on the level of medical support that you need and will work with you to make sure that your event gets the right team and equipment to keep your participants as safe as can be

  • Advise and plan medical evacuation from your expedition location

  • Plan the precise medical support for your expedition, which is carried out by senior doctors trained in the UK, each with over a decade of experience in wilderness medicine on every continent.

  • Media exposure. Exile Medics is well established in the expedition and running world, having featured on TV and radio, in magazines, online and social media, and you’ll benefit from these connections

  • Increases participant or runner sign ups, and your global media profile by having Exile Medics as part of your team


during the event

Our aim is simple: no fuss. Exile Medics are never the chink in the chain, and we stand by that. You tell us when and where to be, and our teams simply turn up and deliver. We aim not to add to your workload, but to take away the worry of the medical element of your event. We look to anticipate as much as possible before arriving in country, meaning that you can focus your efforts on what you’re best at: your participants, athletes and adventurers. With that in mind, during an event you will find that:

  • All medical equipment is provided from Exile Medics HQ in the UK. You never need to worry about the quality of our equipment and medications. It’s the same you would get in a hospital in the UK.

  • Our teams include senior doctors or all specialities, and benefit from senior medical support available 24/7 in the UK via telephone

  • We are able to provide physiotherapy, nursing and paramedic care on top of doctor led medical care

  • Our administrative team in the Exile Medics HQ are available during the event to support both you and our team in delivering the best possible medical care in the field

  • Exile Medics will keep an ongoing social media stream during the event (if it is safe to do so) and after return to the UK

  • Our teams are made up of some of the most experienced expedition and wilderness doctors, nurses and paramedics in the world, meaning that the care delivered is second to none. They aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, and are at home travelling the globe.

  • Exile Medics teams have managed events and patients in the planets most difficult environments. These places really a re home for us!

  • Our service is constantly developing. We take expertise from every field in medicine and beyond, be that emergency medicine, the armed forces, surgery, medicine, pharmacy, paramedics, nurses, physiotherapists- every profession works together to develop our teams to meet our brand promise of Dependable specialist medical care where there is none. 

  • Exile Medics care goes beyond the field. We deliver some of the only specialist expedition medicine trainee doctors in the UK, and they join our team on their way to becoming global leaders in wilderness medicine.

after the event

When you and your participants get home, the work isn’t yet done for Exile Medics. We are able to, on request, provide a post event debrief and are always keen to know how improvements could be made. There is of course a need to handover patient care to their GPs or family doctors, and we facilitate this on return to base in the UK.

  • Discharging patients to the care of their GPs or Family Practitioners

  • Through the expedition organisers, we provide post event medical advice to participants and athletes

  • Exile Medics (ono request) provide a written debrief to race organisers

  • If invited t, we can contribute to suggestions for future event medical plans and improvements.


Legalities, Insurance and Risk Assessment

Of course, there are some rules in this world and Exile Medics brings with it Public liability insurance of £10 million (excludes the USA and Canada). In addition, we provide ourselves on the quality of the care we provide, and the safety which we offer any patient who we look after. To that end, Exile Medics includes:

  • Professional indemnity for all medical professionals relevant to the event

  • A tried and tested robust governance structure that works to maximise clinical safety and communication 


We know that cost is important. We want you to be happy. But, every expedition, event or race is different, and so it is impossible to give an accurate price to you online. However, we promise that you will be happily surprised at the costs of Exile Medics providing your medical support. 

Call or email us, and secure Exile Medics for your adventure. We know that you won't be disappointed, and will find value for money, expertise, equipment and support unmatched by anyone else.

Call: +44 7471 505 430

email: katie@exile-medics.com


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