The Spine 2020 Ultra Marathon

11-19th January 2020

Applications open 26th July- 1st October 2019

Unbelievable- our first race of the new decade!

This is as hard as it gets for Exile Medics. Prove yourself here, you're proven anywhere.

Dubbed the UK's most demanding trail race, the Spine Race covers 268 miles over seven days, non stop. The race starts at Edale in the Peak district and ends at Kirk Yetholme at the Scottish Borders. You will not sleep, eat or be really warm for a week. BUT you will see Expedition and Wilderness Medicine at its toughest. Survive this, you're in the Elite.


Before you head to the application at the bottom of the page, see the details below

Cost: The Winter Spine Race costs £100 (including the hated but legally required VAT) for the administrative fee, and for most of you there will be no flight. You would normally drive to the start line. If you choose to use your car for the event (we can't and won't request you to for insurance reasons) then there may be a contribution to your petrol, though we can't guarantee until the end of the race. There will be no accommodation or food costs payable to the race, but you will need a tent and your own supplies for the week.

Dates: You should aim to be in Edale by 1700 on the 10th January 2020 for the pre race briefings. The first night you will either camp or sleep in a community centre. The race will begin on the morning of the 11th January at 0700. The Winter Spine Race technically finishes by 0800 on Sunday 19th January, however we have always finished by 1600 on the Saturday before. You will be able to leave at this time, and perhaps earlier of the team leader can facilitate this.

Food: You will need to bring all of your food for the week, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for each day. There are plenty of supermarkets, shops and restaurants along the way. Cooking facilities will be boiling water in community centres and village halls or your own camp stoves. There will be an opportunity to buy fuel along the route.

Accommodation: You will spend the week either camping or sleeping in community centres and village halls. Bring your sleeping mats and a good quality sleeping bag.

Communication: Mobile phone coverage is good almost everywhere. When it isn't there are landlines and Wifi.

Flights: No flights are required unless you are coming from overseas.

Visa: None required for most, though if you are from overseas then please check. Please be aware that we do not know the potential impact of Brexit on travel as yet. Please check with your local British consulate prior to booking any travel that the requirements haven't changed for your particular passport.

You are not obliged to drive or operate any vehicle during this or any other Exile Medics events. 

Application Deadline: 1st October 2019

See the race website here

Medical Students/ F1s ✔ Nurses ✔ Paramedics ✔ Physiotherapists ✔ Doctors ✔

Ready? Think you can handle it? Apply here now and Brace Yourself.

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