Compassion Challenge Muskathlon, Rwanda 2019

22nd- 29th June 2019

Exile Medics have been to Rwanda before. But never like this.

You need to join the Exile Medics Team in Rwanda in June 2019. You’ll assemble in Kigali before heading out into rural Rwanda for the event of a lifetime. You’ll meet and work alongside some of the worlds most motivated people in lending a hand to children suffering in one of the poorest parts of the world.

It’s what Exile Medics was made to do. It’s why you trained to do what you do.

This event is the most challenging kind of medicine in a country which has very limited medical support of its own. You’ll need to be able to function in the wilds with no outside support, a do the toughest of jobs day and night in central Africa. We will be supporting the Muskathlon, a running and cycle race through rural Rwanda with nothing bu the kit on our back, and our expertise in our heads. Exile Medics will help you get to one of those places that you’ll never likely to go to again. Do it.

Visit the event website here

Before you head to the application at the bottom of the page, see the details below

Cost: The Street Child Marathon costs £180 (which includes the obligatory, unfortunate VAT at 20% which goes straight to Her Majesty’s Government) for the administrative fee which covers your public and employees liability insurance, T shirts and other goodies, clinical support, Pre deployment briefing day, audio briefing, logistical support and all the medical equipment you will need. You will also need to buy your flight. Compare this to the cost of arranging your own expedition in this part of the world, and you'll agree that this is a good deal. 

Dates: You will need to be at Hotel 2000 in Kigali on the 23rd of June at 1200. You will be collected and transferred to the wilds at no cost from there. You will be taken back to Kigali Airport on the 28th June by 2pm. What you do from here is up to you, but if you are planning on coming home then, we strongly suggest that you book as late a flight as you can in order to avoid the dramas of African travel.

Activities: There will be opportunities to visit charity project in the week prior to the event, with a chance of offering some support to local medical services. 

Food: For just £100, Muskathlon will feed you at least 3 times a day for the whole event. Compared to buying, shipping and cooking, not a bad deal. Bring some snacks though, ‘cos, you know, there’s not a mini market on every corner!

Accommodation: You will need to bring a tent to camp for the week. The weather in Rwanda is very variable, and it can be very windy and can rain a great deal.

Communication: Mobile phone coverage is good in places, poor in others. We anticipate that the race will have satellite phones to contact the UK.

Flights: As this is a charity event Exiles will need to cover the cost of their own flights. You will need to buy your flights to Kigali Airport, Freetown and back again. We know, but it’s the cheapest way you’ll see this part of world by miles.

Visa: UK passport holders require a visa to enter Rwanda. These can be bought before you arrive, on on arrival for £20/$30. Please be aware that we do not know the potential impact of Brexit on travel as yet. Please check with your local Rwandan consulate prior to booking any travel that the requirements haven't changed for your particular passport.

Travel advice: See here for FCO advice on travel to Rwanda

We need nurses, physiotherapists, medical students and doctors for this one. All can apply

Medical Students/ F1s ✔ Nurses ✔ Paramedics ✔ Physiotherapists ✔ Doctors ✔      Student/ F1 places: 2

Questions? Ask them here

It's worth it. Really.

Application Deadline is 8pm on 2nd March 2019

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