Exile Medics Desert School 2018

Spitskoppe, Namibia, 13- 19th November 2018

Desert Ultra race 19- 26th November 2018

After the build up, the rumours and the whisperings, its here. Desert School

The desert. A place for the toughest and most resilient of medics. When they can't be found anywhere else, the people call Exile Medics, and Exile Medics go. To Namibia. For an Exile School in the oldest desert in the world which has been dry for 50 million years.

This 5.5 day school, delivered in conjunction with Kaurimbi, will give you all the skills you need to live and work in the harshest environment on the planet. A place that sees no water for millennia at a time, a place rife with snakes, scorpions, elephants, zebras, kudu, giraffe and countless other dangers. You'll live and work in the desert from the people who actually live there, and learn how to find water, build shelter, light fires, cook, navigate and travel in the burning heat. What's more, the most senior Exiles will train you in desert medicine, teaching you how to manage patients in a place where just surviving until lunch time is a challenge. Heat illness, trauma, envenomation, dehydration, infection, sports medicine and more will all be explained, with practical exercises along the way

What's that you say? You want even more? OK, well how about a trek through the veld, night exercise, breakfasts and dinners cooked for you in a bush kitchen and a Namibian braai (that's an Afrikaans barbecue for the uninitiated) under the vast night sky. 

Then, for some, Desert School is followed by the 2018 edition of the Namibian Desert Ultra Marathon. If you choose, you could be part of the medical team supporting this epic 250km race through the veld and Brandberg mountains practicing your skills for real, on a real event, on real athletes. Its one of the most demanding expeditions around, and you'll certainly earn your stripes as one of the Exile elite. You should note that because of the size of the event, we can't fit everyone from Desert school under the race team, so this part is an optional extra.  

Be part of an Exiles Legend- come to Desert School

Before you head to the application at the bottom of the page, see the details below

Cost: Desert School costs just £860. Compare this to other training organisations, and you'll agree that this is a good deal. If you want to join the race team as well, the cost is £950. A deposit of £150 will be taken via the website when your place is confirmed, and the remainder will be due by August 18th via bank transfer to keep the costs to you as low as possible.

Dates: Desert school begins at 1200 on the 13th November 2018 at Hosea Kutako airport, Windhoek, from where you will be taken into the wilds. Desert school finishes at 1200 on the 19th November 2018 in Spitskoppe, at which time those wishing to depart will be transferred back to Windhoek. Those staying to join the race team will remain with the camp until the 26th November 2018, when you will be transferred back to Windhoek by approximately 1300.

Food: For desert school, you will also need to bring snacks and food for lunch each day with you. If you are involved in the marathon itself, you will need all your food for the duration.

Accommodation: For both desert school and the marathon you will sleep in tents that will be provided. You will need a sleeping bag. There are sleeping mats available, but in the past there have not been enough to go round, so bringing your own roll mat is a sensible idea.

Communication: Mobile phone coverage is good in places, poor in others. We will have satellite phones to communicate between teams and to contact the UK.

Flights: You will need to buy your flights to Namibia (you will fly Home- Windhoek- Home), but we will let you know that you're in in plenty of time to get the cheap ones. You will need to arrive at Hosea Kutako Airport in Windhoek by 1200 on the 13th November 2018 (PLEASE NOTE: there are 2 airports in Windhoek, you MUST fly to Hosea Kutako). If you are leaving after Desert School, you will leave Spitskoppe on the 19th November and will be able to fly from Windhoek from 1700 on the 19th November, however we strongly recommend that you book to leave on the 20th November to avoid any likelihood of missing flights. For those joining the marathon team, you will be free to depart from Windhoek on the 26th November after 1300. In all cases, you will need to tell Exile Medics when your flights leave and depart.

Visa: At present, there is no visa costs for UK passport holders. Please check with your local Namibian consulate prior to booking any travel that the requirements haven't changed for your particular passport.

Travel advice: See here for FCO advice on travel to Namibia

Application deadline: 27th May 2018. You will find out by June 10th 2018

Medical Students/ F1s ✔ Nurses ✔ Paramedics ✔ Physiotherapists ✔ Doctors ✔

They say that the Nambia desert is like the surface of Mars. Ever thought wilderness medicine would take you that far?


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