Exile Jungle School & Guatemala Impact Marathon

Rio Dulce, Guatemala 3-7th or 10th March 2019

After enormous anticipation, the opportunity has arrived again. Time for Jungle School 2019.

Exile Medics was born in the Jungle, amongst the vines of the Amazon, and its to the Central American Jungle that we return for the second edition of Jungle School, in partnership with Old Town Outfitters and Impact Marathon.

This 3.5 day course will give you all the skills you need to live and work in the rainforest as an Exile Medics. You will learn Jungle medicine, particularly focussing on adventure racing in this hugely challenging environment. You'll learn to live in the rainforest from the people who actually live there- finding water, crossing swollen rivers, building shelters, lighting fires, cooking, dealing with envenomation, navigating, trapping food- everything you could need. The most senior Exiles will train you in Jungle medicine and how to manage the patients in a place where managing yourself is a challenge- fluid management, trauma, animal bites, heat illness... you name it. 

Want more? Thought you would. On the last day there is an opportunity to do it for real. You will have the opportunity to be on the team for the Impact Marathon Guatemala (at a slight extra cost), supporting a vast field of runners as they complete the challenge of a lifetime running a marathon through the jungles of Antigua (N.B. in Guatemala). Not that it should make a difference, but there's a post race party afterwards. 

Be part of an Exiles Legend- come to Jungle School. We know more details, but where's the fun if you know it all.....

Costs: The Jungle Course costs.....just £750 fo school alone, and £850 for the school and race (Wait! No increases from 2018? For real? Yes, real!) Compare us to other training organisations if you don't think this is a good deal.

You will need to buy your flights out there too (you will fly Home- Puerto Barrios- Guatemala city- Home), but we will let you know that you're in in plenty of time to get the cheap ones. You will also need to bring a hammock and nealry all of your food. It's part of the challenge of being an Exile. Did you think it was easy?

There's no visa costs for UK passport holders at present

Application deadline: 1st January 2019. We will aim to tell you the outcome of selection within 14 days.

Medical Students/ F1s ✔ Nurses ✔ Paramedics ✔ Physiotherapists ✔ Doctors ✔

Before you head to the application at the bottom of the page, see the details below

Cost: Jungle School costs just £750. Compare this to other training organisations, and you'll agree that this is a good deal. If you want to join the race team as well, the cost is £850. A deposit of £150 will be taken via the website when your place is confirmed, and the remainder will be due by January 16th 2019 via bank transfer to keep the costs to you as low as possible.

Dates: Jungle School will begin at 0900 on the 4th March 2019 at Puerto Barrios airport, Guatemala, from where you will be taken into the wilds. Jungle School finishes at 1700 on the 7th March 2019 in Puerto Barrios, at which time those wishing to depart will be released to fly home. Those staying to join the race team will remain with the team until the 10th March 2019, when you will be transferred back to Guatemala City by approximately 1300.

Please note that these dates are subject to change by a day until 1st December 2018.

Food: For jungle school, you will also need to bring snacks and food for lunch each day with you. If you are involved in the marathon itself, you will need all your food for the duration.

Accommodation: For both jungle school and the marathon you will sleep in your own hammock. You will need a sleeping bag and your own roll mat.

Communication: Mobile phone coverage is good in places, poor in others. We will have satellite phones to communicate between teams and to contact the UK.

Flights: You will need to buy your flights to Guatemala (you will fly Home- Puerto Barrios- Home (usually via Guatemala City), but we will let you know that you're in in plenty of time to get the cheap ones. You will need to arrive at Puerto Barrios Airport by 0900 on the 4th March 2019. If you are leaving after Jungle School, you will leave Puerto Barrios on the 7th March and will be able to fly to wherever you like. For those joining the marathon team, you will need to go to Guatemala City, from where you will be taken to the race site in Antigua, near the Agua, Fuego and Acatanango volcanoes. You be free to depart from Guatemala City after 1300 on the 10th March. In all cases, you will need to tell Exile Medics when your flights leave and depart.

Visa: At present, there is no visa costs for UK passport holders. Please check with your local Guatemalan consulate prior to booking any travel that the requirements haven't changed for your particular passport.

Travel advice: See here for FCO advice on travel to Guatemala

Application deadline: 1st January 2019

Medical Students/ F1s ✔ Nurses ✔ Paramedics ✔ Physiotherapists ✔ Doctors ✔

Exile Medics are going home. To the Jungle.


Apply Here for the best course you'll ever do. We know, we've done loads...

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