Want to know how awesome Exile Medics is? Take a look at Rhys' Jungle School write up here

The Exile Medics Hotline. Whatever you need. +44 (0) 7391 299 147

Who Are Exile Medics?

Exile Medics is an organisation bringing together the adventurous and the adventure medical professional, wherever they come from.  Exile Medics provides medical support to expeditions anywhere on the globe, though we specialise in the toughest, most extreme sports events going. We aim to deliver the highest standards of care in any environment, from jungle to desert; the tropics to the Arctic.

If you're a medic, get involved! We need Nurses, Students, Paramedics and Doctors to come with us to events anywhere on the planet* and deliver the finest Expedition and Wilderness Medicine around.

We hold ourselves to the same standards as we do in our work within the National Health Service with quality healthcare and patient safety underpinning everything we do. We are continually looking for ways to improve our service, our relationship with expedition and event leaders and directors and ways to create a supportive environment for Exiles to develop their skills.

If you would like to be an Exile Medic, or you would like to use Exile Medics on your event, click Contact Us.

Exile Medics- it's why you do what you do

Do you tweet?

Our ace social media team are a bunch of Tweets- follow our feed on the left for the most up to date news and opportunities.

We'll also tweet directly from our events if we can- which usually depends on satellite phone so can be a bit intermittent! Follow us for live action reports of our expeditions around the world.

Don't forget to join us on Facebook at 'Exile Medics Network' as well- we post expeditions, events and opportunities on there too.

Getting Involved with Exile Medics

There's no Register. There's no minimum requirements. There's no limits. All you need is more enthusiasm than a very enthusiastic person. Whoever you are, be it nurse, doctor, paramedic, physiotherapist or medical student, we need you in Exile Medics. We travel all over the world to some of the planet's most spectacular and awe inspiring places to look after the most epic people. If you want to be an Exile Medic, its simple. Join our Facebook group at 'Exile Medics Network' and our twitter @exilemedics. We'll post opportunities on these regularly, usually with around 6 months notice. Look at the applications link on the top of this page to see which events we need your help on now. Students, we have special page, just for you here. We need writers, quartermasters, field medics, organisers, speakers, web designers (can you tell?) and all round legends to be part of our organisation too.

Join the Facebook group, bookmark this page and take a look around the site to do what you became a medic for.

Keen to Learn? We have lots of useful expedition medicine info 

Exile Medics is all about getting you into the field and learning expedition medicine with the support of some of the most experienced medics around. Supporting this, we have lots of useful tutorials, lectures and lessons available on the website here. Some skills are essential (feet) some are just useful to know in general. We keep adding new information all the time, but if there's something in particular that you'd like to get the Exile Medic take on, let us know.

How good are Exile Medics? Don't just believe what we say- let these athletes will tell you how good we are...

Having Exile Medics look after us during the Ice Ultra in Sweden made a big difference to my race. I felt a lot safer pushing myself to my limits in the harsh and unforgiving environment of the Arctic Circle with such a brilliant team of medics there in support. Lovely people too.
— Robbie Britton (Team GB Ultra Runner)
I love adventure and risk. My passion is running tough 200km + races in extreme environments and pushing myself to the limit. When I know that Exile Medics are supporting the race, I know that I am in safe hands. If things go wrong there are experts on hand to manage the situation in a place with limited back-up or resources. Not only that, Exile Medics are always friendly, helpful and supportive which enhances the whole race experience.
— Austin Jarrett (2nd place in 2016 Ice Ultra)
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